Passive Floor Lifters

Minstrel- A Versatile Patient Lift

The Minstrel combines classic lifting technology with the latest standards in safety, security and comfort for both patient and carer alike. The Minstrel concept also includes a suitable sling for the type of resident/patient and use. Sling solutions are available in a wide range of special purpose designs and sizes This easy-to-use aid enables c

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Maxi 500- A Versatile Patient Lift

The Maxi500 is a versatile solution to a lot of these everyday lifting tasks. Due to the speed and smoothness of the lifting action, the patient feels safe and secure, and the caregiver is able to maintain the correct posture and avoid injury. This easy-to-use aid enables caregivers to handle everyday lifting and transfers comfortably, safely a

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Maxi Move- Passive Sling Lift

The Maxi Move provides safer, more comfortable patient handling, while making care routines smoother and more efficient. In addition to providing a healthier, more ergonomic working environment for caregivers, thereby reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. This battery-powered passive sling lift allows a single caregiver to safely man

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