Examination Light

ZUMAX EL- Examination Light

Portable high performance LED examination light which provides an absolutely homogeneous field of view. Perfect for the ENT/GYN/dermatology/dental office.

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ZUMAX Headlight Series

The Zumax Headlights series adapts to any Zumax Binocular Loupes. Featuring a smart design convenient for mobile diagnosis, Perfect for thedermatology, lab, dental, surgical etc' use.

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Brandon Coolview CLED23

Brandon Coolview CLED23 provides uncompromising lighting performance for the clinician. Its high intensity performance and colour corrected light reduces eye strain making the focus of the examination vivid and the tissues can be easily identified. The CLED23 is a perfect light for dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology and sensitive areas such as neonatal

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