Standing & Raising Aids

Sara Lite- Standing And Raising Aid

Sara Lite™ is a battery-powered standing and raising aid designed to raise and lower residents / patients for transfers and toileting. It's intended for semi-dependent residents / patients like Carl (refer to the Mobility Gallery™), and helps stimulate and maintain mobility for as long as possible. Sara Lite™ makes caregivers' everyday care rout

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Sara 3000- Standing And Raising Aid

This standing and raising aid features the latest improvements in ArjoHuntleigh's pioneering equipment concept. Its excellent functionality in relation to cost brings higher standards of resident/patient care and operating safety within affordable reach. The Sara 3000 is a standing and raising aid that features the latest improvements in this

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Sara Combilizer

Sara Combilizer - Multifunctional aid, Enabling safe out-of-bed mobilisation of critically ill patients. There is significant clinical evidence supporting that early patient mobility as part of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rehabilitation program help counter the effects of ICU acquired weakness, which in turn improves the patient recovery process a

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