Bariatric Equipment

BariAir- Integrated Bariatric Therapy System

he BariAir Therapy System for immobile, critically ill bariatric patients has been designed to help maintain skin integrity, prevent respiratory complications and reduce patient transfers. Suitable for patients weighing up to 386 kg. The BariAir has been designed to help prevent complications affecting immobile bariatric patients in the critical

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AtmosAir Fit- Mattress Replacement System

The AtmosAir Fit MRS with Self Adjusting Technology has been designed to help treat and prevent skin breakdown and reduce patient and caregiver risks associated with bariatric care. The AtmosAir offers continuous pressure redistribution therapy for patients up to 454 kg. Nine air cylinders provide extra support and comfort in the mid to lower ba

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First Step Select HD Overlay

The First Step Select Heavy Duty Mattress Overlay helps to distribute interface pressures and maintain the correct skin temperature and moisture levels, thereby helping to prevent skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. The First Step Select Heavy Duty Mattress Overlay combines Low Air Loss Therapy (LAL) and GORE medical fabric to help prevent skin

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