Vascular Assessment Products

Dopplex ABIlity- Automated Vascular system

The ABIlity (by Huntleigh) is a revolutionizing Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Measurement tool. It is easy to us, fully automatic with minimal training required. The Doppler based ABI takes 30 minutes, while ABI’s rapid bi-lateral ABI measures it in 3 minutes as its simultaneous measurements reduce time. ABI can be used for home or clinical envi

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Vascular Dopplers

Based on over 20 years experience in vascular assessment, the latest generation of the world renowned Dopplex hand held Dopplers offers even greater performance, quality and value, offer wide range of Arjo Sonicaid Vascular & Obstetric Dopplex Handheld Dopplers by Huntleigh Healthcare and a comprehensive range of high sensitivity probes & Doppler a

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