Hygiene Systems

Shower & Disinfection Panel (ArjoHuntleigh)

An integrated solution for showering, disinfection and cleaning The Shower & Disinfection Panel provides an efficiently controlled delivery system for assisted showering and disinfection and cleaning of shower equipment. This built-in resident/patient shower, for use with shower trolleys and shower chairs, provides a complete and integrated s

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Bathing Liquids (by ArjoHuntleigh)

ArjoHuntleigh has developed a wide range of bathing products, from bath oils to body washes, that provide optimum conditioning and moisturising, as well as a special liquid that maximises the skincare benefits of Hydrosound™ sessions. Bathing can stimulate a lot of the senses, including the sense of smell. Pleasant scents have a positive effect

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Arjo Clean- Disinfectant

Arjo Clean from ArjoHuntleigh has the right balance between effectiveness and mildness and once the job is done, the liquid decomposes harmlessly in the environment. This product is a disinfectant cleaner intended to clean and disinfect medical devices within the ArjoHuntleigh health care solution product range.

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