NuStep T4r- Recumbent Cross Trainer

SImulates a natural walking motion while eliminating undesirable joint stress therefore promoting functional fitness. This machine builds strength and is great for users with disabilities, in rehab or seeking health and wellness. The T4r is self-powered, starts easily, operates quietly and can be used in most locations. The seat is ergonomically designed to be comfortable, features a 360º swivel (with 45º locking intervals) allowing easy on and off access. The arms adjust up to 15" to fit any body size and preferred range of motion. Meanwhile, the foot pedals accommodate different sized feet and keep them securely in position. Finally, the console is easy to read and includes a one-button quick start and reset. Choose from 10 levels of resistance along with Quick Start, Pace Partner, and track programs

  • Recumbent Cross Trainer
  • Made In USA
  • Ergonomic Chair For Maximum Comfort
  • Accessories Are Available
  • Fits users from: 137-193 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 181 kg
  • 360º swivel
  • Digital Screen
  • 10 Different Resistance Levels
  • Quickstrat Mode
  • Dimensions (cm): 152X69X115
  • Overall Weight: 95 kg