Standing & Raising Aids

System RoMedic Minilift 125

MiniLift125 is a mobile sit-to-stand lift which has been developed to, as gently as possible, assist the user when rising from a sitting to a standing position. When MiniLift125 is combined with the appropriate lifting accessories, the user gets support under the feet, for the front of the lower legs and behind the back, which provides for a safe a

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System RoMedic Quickmove

QuickMove supports and activates the user when rising up to a standing position and during transfers, either standing or sitting, from bed to chair, from chair to chair or to and from the toilet. QuickMove has been developed for users with impaired balance and strength in their legs but the user must have some strength in the arms and must be able

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Manual Transfer Aids by System RoMedic

In this section you will find System RoMedic's sit-to-stand aids for support when mobilizing users, for example during rising from lying to sitting, sit-to-stand or standing training but also for transfers of users between two units, for example from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet and for manual supine and/or sitting positioning.

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