Fetal Monitors

Sonicaid Team - Fetal Monitoring

The sonicaid (by Huntleigh) Team range is designed for simplicity in fetal monitoring. Developed in collaboration with leading obstetric specialists, the small, easy to use and lightweight unit can be transported effortlessly; within hospitals, to clinics, doctor’s offices or even to the home. Twin fetal heart rate scales provide the clearest di

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Sonicaid BD4000- Fetal Monitoring

The BD4000xs series (by Huntleigh) fetal monitors provide solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring. Using state of the art digital signal processing technology with enhanced FHR performance, the range includes antenatal and intrapartum models with a range of options and interface capabilities. This provides the most cost effective and flexible

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Sonicaid Obstetric Dopplers- Fetal Monitoring

This top of the range handheld rate display Doppler features high sensitivity interchangeable probes. Ideally suited for detecting the fetal heart in early gestations, and five other probes for vascular applications. An integrated data output allows a hard copy print out of the FHR trace to be obtained when connected to the Dopplex Printa.

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