I/A Instruments

Ergonomic Grip I/A Handles

The latest series of bimanual and coaxial I/A-handles ensures enhanced grip during epinucleus and cortex removal. The silicone tip of Soft-Tip I/A can bend once pushed to the capsular bag. The visible bending tip indicates the contact with the capsular bag to the surgeon. The adhesive material properties of silicone ease the capsular polishing proc

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Single Use FLACS I/A Instruments

Femto-second-laser assisted cataract surgery needs phaco power for segment removal only. Modern FLACS systems allow small surgical grid, leaving cubes of >0.5mm. The new FLACS I/A is designed to aspirate those small cubes without phaco power. With no need of any phaco power, this is the beginning of a surgery using complete disposable products to m

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